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Little teacups pigs, also known as mini micro pigs, have been becoming increasingly more popular over the past few years. People are beginning to realize that dogs and cats are not their only option for their suburban home.

Pigs are not only smarter than dogs, they are born litter box trained. In fact they are the 4th smartest animal on the planet, behind only the chimpanzee, dolphin, and elephant. 

The only problem with them is that people are selling piglets that end up the size of elephants within a couple of years. Sure, they all look cute and small as piglets, but you need a weight guarantee or you just may end up with an 800 pound roommate. No adult pig on the property is over 40 pounds. The only reason hers are so big is because they aren't fixed. Once fixed our piglets should weigh between 19-30 pounds as adults. - Pigs who weigh 30 pounds look like a 15 pound dog - Low to ground and solid muscle.    

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